Install Oracle DataBase 18c Express and Oracle Apex 18.2 / PL/SQL Gateway / Windows 10

In this tutorial I going to show you how to install Oracle 18c Express and Oracle Apex 18.2 into Windows  

We need to know since version Oracle 12, exists the concepts of plug-gable databases and containers.
So first download oracle database and oracle apex:

Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) Release (18c)
Oracle APEX Release

Use the setup and next.

 We need to provide and remember the passwords of sys, system y PDBADMIN

Finally we will have the URLs where we can access to the database
So, here i have some troubles to access because my listener was stopped.

The URL for access is : https://localhost:5500/em

If you have problems to access. Check using

lsnrctl status

If the listener is stopped, you can start using:

lsnrctl start

About listener :

Foro Oracle 1
Foro Oracle 2

This point is very important.

Firsts we going to check the current pdbs, connect to sqlplus as execute show pdbs, it must the display the correct mode, read only and read write.

Look this guides if is different
Guía 1
Guía 2

Beforo to start the install, we must to select the correct pdb.


The containers since Oracle 12, is like this, for that reason before to install we need to select to correct container. This link  is a resume about that.

Next, Go to directory where you have apex 18.2 uncompressed, and install,

Guide Oficial Oracle.

@apexins.sql SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/

Set the password of admin.


Configure the Pl/Sql Gateway for local environment.
Use the parent directory as URL.

@apex_epg_config.sql C:\\MyPc\\InstallApex

Next , check the port:


If is 0 we need to change with 8080, or another.


The last step, connect in another cmd as sysdba, and show pdbs, for be sure we are in both container, PDB$SEDD and XEPDB1.

If we are in both and with that mode, execute:


Finally we can enter to Oracle Apex 18.2


First time enter as workspace Internal and user admin , and pass of the istallation.


Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) Release (18c)
Oracle APEX Release
Si te olvidaste de seleccionar el contenedor o tienes errores al crear el workspace
Problemas con activar el read write en los contenedores 1
Problemas con activar el read write en los contenedores 2
Guía instalacion Oracle 18c express 
Guía instalacion Oracle APEX 18.2
Acerca de pluggable database

36 thoughts on “Install Oracle DataBase 18c Express and Oracle Apex 18.2 / PL/SQL Gateway / Windows 10

  1. I face a weird issue on Win 10 recently, when I try to install ORDS it give Network adopter error. SQLPlus however works. Any suggestions?It did work perfectly on Win 7 Tomcat 9 Ords Latest though.


  2. AngelI followed exactly all the steps in your article, but I can not access Apex. There are two issues when I try to access the browser.1 – First the browser requests login and password in a prompt before loading the page, I try to access with the user created in the installation of Apex and with Sys, but it does not work;2 – I get the message \”\” There is a problem with your environment because the Application Express files have not been loaded. Please verify that you have copied the images directory to your application server as instructed in the Installation Guide. In addition, please verify that your image is correct. Your current path is / (it should contain both starting and ending forward slashes, such as the default / i /). Use the SQL script reset_image_prefix.sql if you need to change it. \”\”And I performed the installation with the command @ apex_epg_config.sql C: \\, since the apex was unzipped in C: \\ apex.Could you help me with these problems?Thank you!


  3. The first error, is usually when you try to connect to apex, but the accounts are locked or with the password expired. try:ALTER USER ANONYMOUS ACCOUNT UNLOCK;ALTER USER xdb ACCOUNT UNLOCK;ALTER USER apex_public_user ACCOUNT UNLOCK;ALTER USER flows_files ACCOUNT UNLOCK;The second error is kind of weird make sure the path is the correct for images. I create this video for apex 5.1 but the installation its the same as 18 or 19, execpt for select the PDB data base first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaWjW5OzhpE&t=391s / also you can check in the apex direcctory the log files, and see what is the error


  4. Hi I installed Oracle and Apex as instructed but I am getting the following error when trying to create a workspace. \”Error provisioning test1. ORA-20001: Request 1250123147836228 could not be processed. PROVISION_COMPANY.\” I've tried searching the internet for a solution but have not been able to find one. Can you please advise what I have done wrong, or if you can point me to a website that can show what I need to do to correct this problem. Thanks


  5. hello, I cant remember if i had the same error , but yes i had an error creating a workspace, so my error was while i was installing i install on root directory. So i unistall and then you must to be sure firsts select the container ALTER SESSION SET CONTAINER = XEPDB1; afeter that i could create the workspace normally.


  6. Hi, Sure, but can you give us more details1) when you get that error?2) did you finish the installation ?3? the error is on alert message or in the page like 404 error ?— I guess you could fix trying to unlock the accounts, anonymous or check my other post where i install using 11g.


  7. It worked perfectly for me on Oracle 18c XE, the only thing missing here is that ADMIN password must be within Oracle complexity rules (Admin#2019 will do :)), thanks a lot Angel


  8. Thx, it works,previosly Ive tried install APEX with ORDS. (Oracle DataBase 18c Express and Oracle Apex 18.2 / Ords20.1 / Windows 10)and 've got this (ERR-7620: Could Not Determine Workspace For Application 4500)so i had to do this in your way 🙂


  9. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for this excellent tutorial. Finally got Apex running after a lot of failures when referring to other guides and youtube videos that did not work.I can confirm that your guide works for setting up Apex 20.1 running on Oracle Express 18c.Excellent job!


  10. Hi,I'm trying to install APEX 20.1 in an XE 18C.When trying to install the @apex_epg_config.sql C:\\MyPc\\InstallApex, the program runs on errors.I think the problem is that the PDB$SEED is MOUNTED when I query \”show pdbs\”.How can I fix the problem?Edd


  11. Enter the administrator's username [ADMIN] aymanUser \”ayman\” does not yet exist and will be created.Enter ayman's email [ayman]Enter ayman's password []declare*ERROR at line 1:ORA-20001: Invalid password.ORA-06512: at line 30ORA-06512: at \”APEX_200200.WWV_FLOW_FND_USER_INT\”, line 3745ORA-06512: at line 20


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